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작성일 2013-12-04 (수) 16:54
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Official Report of 7th Servas East Asia Conference

We had our 7th area meeting in mid-November this year at the Language Center

inside Sun Yat Sen University, Guangzhou, China. 

It is one of the most famous uni- versities in China, where three key persons

of Servas China are teaching; Dr. and Mrs. Changxian Yi and Prof. Jack Huang.   

This picture was taken infront of Zi Jin Hotel inside the Sun Yat University campus.
As soon as we arrived the hotel, we took the picture all together with Korean Servas members
who attended this conference back ground with Servas Korea flag.
(but who’s with white colored hair lady? She’s Ms. Tomoko
as you’ve already know that she said she’s half Japanese, half Korean.ㅎㅎㅎ)

  After enrolled ourselves, we’ve had dinner in down town Guangzhou near the university.

The conference was held on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17, but most of the participants arrived
 in Guangzhou City on the previous afternoon to check in at the Zi Jin Yuan Hotel inside
the university campus.

We divided the group into three and enjoyed the Guanzhou traditional cuisine
with various dishes. The food was magnificient.(Gourmet food)

It was attended by nearly 42 members from China (17), Hong Kong (1), Korea (11),

 Mongolia (2), and Japan (8). No one could participate from Taiwan this time,
 but two guest members joined us from Malaysia, Kiat and Jeff.

We also had Levy Amir from Israel.
Jeff and Amir happened to visit us on their way back from Tibet,
while Kiat, National Secretary of Malaysia, came over to attend our meeting by herself.

Day 1 Saturday, November 16, 2013

At 7:30 all the participants met at the restaurant next to the Zi Jin Yuan Hotel to have breakfast.

Then we moved to the language center across the street. 

 Dr. Changxian Yi, National Secretary of china, gave all the attendants a welcome address.
He’s an ophthalmologist with this University hospital.


At 9:00 Prof. Jack Huang, the chairperson, declared the meeting open,
 and Dr. Changxian Yi, National Secretary, gave a welcome address,

followed by Masahiro Nishi-yama, Area Coordinator for East Asia.

Then Levi Amir gave a speech on behalf of Servas International.
 Levi Amir talked about Israel, his mother country,
using a video player.

At 9:30 Miss Jang ui-jen (姜宇晨) showed us Guangzhou City with a video player.
As she played it, she talked about the history and cultures of the city.
“Gourmet food is in Guangzhou,” she cited as a matter of course.

At 9:50 each National Secretary said a word and introduced members from his / her country.
Mr. Huh Jong, Korea, was the first to talk, to be followed by Mr. Kunio Tanaka, Japan,
Ms. Hishige, Mongolia, Mr. Julian Kwong, former Hong Kong Secretary, and Dr. Changxian Yi, China.
 Dr. Yi introduced not only 10 Chinese members but also 7 volunteers.

It was really worthy of mention that Ms. Hishige attended as a repre- sentative from Mongolia.
It was the first time in the history of the East Asia Meeting to have Mongolian members join us.
There are 4 members in Mongolia, she said!

At the end of the greetings, a “mouse” was presented to all the participants by Ms Eunice Zheng.
She did not teach us how to feed it, though.

At 10:30 a welcome party started with Ms Tiffany Zheng as MC.
It was supposed to take place on the previous evening, but we postponed it
since Mongolian members arrived at the hotel so late the previous night.

First of all, the Chinese members sang in chorus “You and Me,”
a well-known piece in a beautiful harmony.

Then the Korean team delighted us all with a chorus of “Arirang,”
which was recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage in December, 2012.

Mr. Ryu Tae Gill chanted a traditional folk song called “pansori.”

Then Mr. Choi Byun Wan, vice president of Servas Korea, showed us a list of “Thank-you”
phrases in various languages.
Under his introduction all of us repeated “Thank you” in many languages and sang
a “Thank you” song in chorus! Wasn’t it really suitable for a Servas meeting?!

The third was a chorus by Japanese members.
With a flower in their hands they sang “Hana Wa Saku,” a song
to wish for recovery from the tsunami in March 2011.
The title means that flowers will be in bloom.

Then appeared Ms Tiffany Zhen herself in a charming dress and showed us a very enticing dance!

Next appeared Mr. Degii from Mongolia with a harp called batokin.
He played a beautiful melody with his instrument.

Ms. Hishige, Secretary of Mongolia, introduced him as the best player of batokin in the country.
After his performance was over, they presented all of us with a disc of DVD in which his
performance is recorded. It was such a beautiful music.

At 13:00 we had lunch together at the restaurant. After taking a rest for a while,
at 14:50 we met again at the lobby of the language center and enjoyed a tour
of the center listening to a lady official’s explanation.
It is called “Base for International Chinese Teaching Materials Development and
Teacher Training.” We could see a lot of books and materials in each floor of the building.

At 15:20 each NS told about his / her activity. Mr. Huh Jong, Korea, the first speaker,

overwhelmed us with his country’s activities.
For example, they issued their first Servas Korea Newsletter in November,
 featuring events and assemblies in 2013.
In May they had a walking pilgrimage attended by nearly 100 members and their families.
In July they experienced Multicultural Creativity Camp with UNESCO, officially sponsored
by the government.
 In October a 330 km cycling was held along the DMZ, attracting
as many as 20 members including 2 Japanese members.
In the same month about 20 Japanese members attended Servas Korea’s national meeting
after they enjoyed the World Garden EXPO 2013 at Suncheon. All the participant was more
than hundred

Mr. Kunio Tanaka, NS, Japan, said that Servas Japan could recruit a young lady as
an official in charge of youth activity. He also said they are thinking of organizing

Servas Japan into an NGO in the near future so that they can broaden their activities.
As a result of tsunami Japan lost 20 members, he said in grief. He also said,
  “We must do something for our future, though a lot of problems await us.”

Mr. Jack Huang, China, said that the 7th East Asia Meeting was held in good time and
it was encouraging enough to make Servas China members united and become motivated.
He also said that it must be good for China to recruit younger members,
since the number is not large enough.
The more members they have, the more often they will be able to send members abroad
or accept travelers from abroad.
Then they will broaden their knowledge and become more interested in Servas activity.
China is thinking of holding a national meeting as soon as possible, Jack added as well.

Mr. Julian Kwong, former Secretary of Hong Kong, said that their EXCO is a troika system,
not represented by a single Secretary.
Three representatives are in charge of communication, membership and interview,
and homepage or website.
Of 20 hosts 18 are day hosts and 2 are hosts, so they can accept travelers from abroad.
They issue a newsletter online regularly, and often meet at a café whenever they have
travelers from abroad. They are also thinking of recruiting young members.
Vivica, one of the repre- sentatives, attended SI conference in Poland last year.

Ms Hishige, Mongolia, told about her activity in her country at the welcome party
when Degii,  the music teacher, played his batokin. But let me report here what she said.
She said that she worked as hard as she could to recruit new members making use
of every chance she took.
As a government official for the Ministry of Education, she is blessed with attending
public meetings. By her endeavor, Mongolia has 4 members including herself and Degii,
the famous musician. Isn’t it really good news?!

At 17:10 all the participants were divided into two groups for discussion.
Group A talked about “Opportunities and Challenges.” On the other hand,
Group B discussed “How to increase members.”

At Group A their discussion was carried out featuring the situation of Servas China.
In East Asia, especially in China, social and economical conditions are changing

for the better so quickly and widely.
It has made more Chinese people obtain a chance to go abroad, by which
 they can broaden their knowledge of the culture and people of the world.
The more developed China becomes, the more it will become open to the outside world.
 As a result, it will create a better climate for the growth of Servas China and
other NGOs in the country.

However, such a rapid change does not always offer us delightful harvest alone.
A radical change cannot but produce instability and very severe competition among the society.
The rationalization of industry will deprive younger people of a chance of employment,
 ending in dampening their interest and motivation to take a leap outside.
Now is the time to be patient. As the proverb goes, haste makes waste.
We should try to make a slow and steady progress as Servas and at the same time
we have to make it known far and wide not only in China but in other East Asian countries.
In this way we will be able to make Servas East Asia grow as an organization to aim
at world peace and friendship. Servas East Asia may be slow in its progress, but
it will grow surely by our care and persistent challenge.
Therefore, let us hold such a meeting and recruit young and active members in each country.

Group B discussed “How to increase members,” a permanent topic for Servas.
Since Mongolian members joined it, various suggestions were proposed for them
to obtain more members.

The membership in Taiwan was not so large up to several years before.
Then a lady member working for a travel agent wrote an article in a traveling magazine.
Since it was not only attractive but she mentioned Servas in it,
many readers showed interest in Servas.
As a result the membership soared to about 100.
 Such a thing happened in Korea as well.
A Japanese teacher of English has a lot of opportunities to see people from abroad.
He makes it a rule to talk about Servas to them.
By and by he could make some of them to join Servas, though it was not in Japan alone.
Ms Hishige also would talk about Servas whenever she took a chance,
and thanks to her earnest solicitation they have 4 members now, two male and two female.

On the other hand, it is not always good to increase members.
We should be careful not to give a misleading impression that Servas is a cheap means to travel.
 And a host is required to be tolerant to travelers from abroad, because they many visit us
 from a country with a very different culture. To hold events such as a picnic or cycling
like Korea does will lead to an increase in new members, a participant said.

St 18:00 we took a picture altogether in front of the language center,
and then we went out to a downtown restaurant. All of us returned to our hotel at 20:00.

Day 2 Sunday, November 17, 2013

We started for breakfast at a well-known restaurant by a gorgeous bus at 8:15.

It was by a lake and many Chinese citizens were seen having breakfast
 with their family members.

While we were enjoying it, Mr. Jack Huang stood up and announced a surprise news!
He read a message from Jonny Saganger, President of Servas International.
It was really encouraging to us all. After breakfast we strolled around the lake till noon.

Then we got in the bus and enjoyed sightseeing of the old town and two museums,
and dropped in at a restaurant featuring Sichuan food.
Mrs. Changxian Yi, NS, is from the province, and she selected it for us.
Every food was so good but very hot!

During the lunch hour Masahiro Nishiyama announced the decision of the meeting
by NSs the previous night; his resignation, new AC, and the next meeting in Korea in 2016.

At 14:40 we reached another well-known park on top of which stood a sculpture
of five rams. It is said to be a symbol of Guangzhou City.
We enjoyed walking round the park till 16:00. During our rambling Kiat, NS, Malaysia,
proposed us to join their area meeting next year, and some of us agreed to it.
She also proposed a joint meeting by East Asia and Southwest Asia in the near future.
Isn’t it such a nice dream for us?!


At 17:15 we took an early dinner and strolled around a public square downtown Guangzhou,
which was illuminated with colorful neon and electric lights.
Lots of citizens were seen walking round in a happy mood. Peace is the most important
and most desirable thing, these bright lights seemed to talk to us.

At 20:10 we came to the pier of the Pearl River to get on board a leisure boat.
The 1 hour and half cruise was very pleasant.
On the boat we could watch a Chinese tea ceremony and a performance
by a harp musician, too. It was about 22:00 when we came back to our hotel.

At 20:30 a meeting was held by NSs at Room #2604, where Masahiro Nishiyama intimated his intention of resigning from his post as Area Coordinator for over 10 years.  It was approved unanimously.  Then Mr. Song Dong Whan, former NS for Servas Korea, was elected as a new Area Coordinator for East Asia.  They also discussed when and where to hold the next area meeting.  After careful discussion it was decided to be held in Korea in 2016 on the condition that Ms Hishige, Mongolia, will agree to it.  She was absent because an urgent situation arose with Mr. Degii, her companion  
Masahiro Nishiyama, former AC, met her the following morning and explained to her what they discussed on the previous night.  Ms Hishige gave her consent to it.  She showed her interest in holding the next area meeting in Mongolia, but we thought it better for her to observe the next meeting in Korea and get prepared in holding it in Mongolia.
Servas Korea National Secretary
Huh Jong (from Servas foreveR)

이름아이콘 허종
2013-12-04 17:25
지난 15일~18일 중국의 광조우에서 개최된 아시아 대회의
공식 보고입니다. 일본의 니시야마 Servas East Asia AC 와 정리한 것을
약간 편집해서 작성했습니다.  이번 대회를 보면서 많은 것을 배웠습니다.
앞으로 Youth 대회, EA 대회, 세계 대회를 개최하려는 한국의 젊은 서바스
회원들의 야무진 노력이 절실히 필요하다는 것을 느꼇습니다.
이름아이콘 허종
2013-12-04 17:41
니시야마상이 역내 서바스 회원들에게 보낸 인사 편지 입니다.
A greeting from Masahiro Nishiyama, former Area Coordinator for East Asia

 I would like to express my gratitude to all the National Secretaries of East Asia for their supporting me for such a long time.  It was in February in 1998 when I called for the first area meeting in Fukuoka City, Japan.  At that time our area was called Far East Asia.  Since then we had our meeting almost every two years.  
 My gratitude goes to Mr. Eum Jay Ryang, former NS for Servas Korea.  Without his whole-hearted cooperation this area meeting would not have been put into practice.  He has been always understanding and kind to me.  I must also thank Ms Mary Jane Mikuriya, former Vice President of Servas International.  It was in Barcelona in July, 2004, when I met her first.  She not only taught me what to do as an AC but came over
to Pusan, Korea, in April, 2007 to attend our 4th area meeting.  At her instruction I felt as if the scales had been fallen from my eyes.  My post as AC started in that year officially, because I was elected by the NSs present there.
 It is a matter of course that I deeply appreciate the kindness of all the members of each country in East Asia.  I thank them very much for their cooperation.  At the same time I feel very happy to have Mr. Song Dong Whan, new Area Coordinator, from  
Korea.  I am sure Servas East Asia will make a further development by his leadership.
Last but not least, let me express my deep gratitude to present EXCO.  Thank you very much.  I wish Servas spirit will reach farther and wider all over the world.
이름아이콘 구종묵
2013-12-05 10:31
참 멋지네요. 꼭 참석하려고 했는데 또 다시 아쉽기 그지 없습니다.
아무튼 담 기회에는 참석해 보도록 하겠습니다. 허 회장님을 비롯한 전 덕성 이사님 정말 수고 하셨습니다.그리고 참석하신 모든 분들 수고하셨습니다.
이름아이콘 최병완
2013-12-05 10:32
East Asia Servas GuangZhou Conference 모든것을 잘정리하여 주시어 감사합니다.
한국의 자전거 사이클링모임과 분기별 국토순례등은 참가국 모든 회원들이 서바스 활동과 증진에 매우 고무적이라고 찬사를 보냈습니다.
2014년 에는 홍콩, 중국, 일본의 회원들도 자전거 싸이클링 모임에 적극 동참한다고 합니다.
참가자 허 종회장, 최병완부회장, 이흥숙감사, 송동환고문, 류태길전북지부장, 황운이전서울총무, 신영숙, 엄계택, 성정숙, 김미숙  이상 10 명
이름아이콘 송동환
2013-12-05 12:34
회장님의 공식 보고 후 올리려고 사진 한장 못 올리고 기다리고 있었습니다.
수고 하셨습니다.
이름아이콘 배종만
2013-12-06 11:59
우아아아ㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇ왕. 회장님..읽는데도 힘이 든데 이걸 사진+영문으로 보고서를 만들어 주셔서...존경+존경!!! 언제 만나뵈면 제가 뜨거운 감사주를 한잔 올려야겠습니다...무조건 고맙습니다...넘치는 감동.......
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