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작성자 Huh-Jong
작성일 2014-02-27 (목) 10:52
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Introduction of Amir, Israeli's Email
Introduction of Amir, Former Servas Israel NS's Email

This Email is for his condolences with deep affection to Korean tourists
who have died or injured by the terrorist bombing attack occurred in the
area of Egypt and Israel border.

After received his mail, I responded to his letter with my wormed heart.

From: Amir

Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 5:58 AM

To: 'Huh Jong [NS Korea 2013'

Subject: My heart is with your nation  

My dear friend  

I watch with lots of pain and sadness the so tragic event in Egypt, in which a few Koreans have lost their lives and others are still badly wounded there.

And now I also see that those who have survived, are trying hard to find flights back home from Israel airport.

I wish to express my deep condolences for your country loss.

Naturally I first hope that all of your love ones are well and not harmed.

And I also wish to offer my personal help, in any way that might be needed. If someone need a place to stay while coming to visit the wounded persons or others you might know need a place to stay until they will find a flight back home, I am more than honored to hosts them as much as they may need or guide them in any way.  

Unfortunately this is not a good day for Korea, as earlier I learned about one more tragedy in a student's meeting.

Also here my heart is will you.
May such sad news will not happen again.


Dear Amir

First of all, I have to thank for your warm-hearted affections.

Not many people do that like you of their own attachment to the those

who have died or injured by the terrorist bombing attack occurred in their country.

As a matter of fact, those tour courses are very popular to Korean people especially Korean Christians. In this case they(Korean tourists) have been tried to save money for more than three years to take this pilgrimage trip with their whole family member’s supporting.

And more than thousands of Korean are likely to have this holy trip and it’ll continue further on. My dear friend Amir, you’re always been Servas Icon to me, devoting yourself to Servas Spirits.

Thank you very much your attention for Korea and Korean.

I’ll always keep that in my mind.

Huh Jong

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