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작성자 Song-Dongwhan
작성일 2018-05-20 (일) 09:16
분 류 특별
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                                                   Conference theme:
                                    Connecting people and cultures for Peace

                                              Invitation to SICOGA 2018

                      31st Servas International Conference and General Assembly
                                                13- 20 October 2018
                               International Youth Center Youth Hostel, Seoul, Korea

Dear Servas members worldwide
The 31th Servas International (SI) Conference and General Assembly (GA), to be known as SICOGA 2018, will be a joint venture organized by Servas International Executive Committee (SI EXCO) and Servas Korea with the support of the SICOGA 2018 Organising Team.
The conference will be held from 13th to 20th October 2018.
Only Servas members may attend, and registration is required. We invite you to sign up early to reserve your place.
We shall be very happy to have you with us, sharing an enjoyable and challenging week of Servas work, together with social activities and the chance to meet old friends and new from around  the world.
The Conference and General Assembly (SICOGA) 2018 information can be found at
I whole-heartedly welcome you to this important meeting. I'm sure we will all have an interesting, rewarding and enjoyable time together. You will get to know many new people and some of them, I'm sure, will become your lifelong friends.

I look forward to meeting you in Seoul in October!

Jonny Sågänger  SI President

On behalf of:
Servas Korea
SICOGA 2018 Organizing Team

Penny Pattison SI General Secretary & SICOGA 2018 Conference Manager
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