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작성자 Song-Dongwhan
작성일 2019-03-07 (목) 16:00
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Invitation_East Asia Servas AREA Meeting
Invitation Letter
Feb 20, 2019
Dear East Asia Servas Members,
It is with great pleasure that Mongolia Servas invites you to participate in the 9th EAST ASIA SERVAS AREA meeting to be held at Ulaanbaatar city in Mongolia. We invite all Servas members in China, Hongkong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan. Please note that the meeting will take place on 15 July to 18 July, 2019. The three-day meeting is scheduled to begin at 9:00 AM at Ulaanbaatar on 15 July and complete at 7:00 PM at Ulaanbaatar on 17 July. It is planned to stay in the resort camp near to Ulaanbaatar on 15, July although we begin the meeting in Ulaanbaatar on the same day. You are expected to stay in Ger /traditional Mongolian tent/or wooden house when we stay in the resort.
East Asia National Secretary and all Servas members in East Asia are qualified to take part in this meeting. The application deadline is on 15 May, 2019. The details of the program will be notified soon. The registration fee is US 300 dollars. It covers accommodations and meals during three days, and transportation fee for a round trip from Ulaanbaatar to the resort. A host is also available in a case of your request at before or after for the participation. It should be noted that travel insurance is not covered. Bank information for sending a participation fee will be included in a registration form. It will be sent to you for your participation. If you have any questions on participating the meeting or getting an entry Visa, please feel free to send an e-mail to
It is worth to notice that Mongolian festival which called ‘Naadam’ will be held on 11-13, July every year. This is the biggest and well known cultural event to show traditional competition of Mongolian wrestling, horse riding and archery. Please be aware that July is a peak time for tourists.  
We are looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.
Yours sincerely,
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