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작성자 Bev and John
작성일 2008-08-22 (금) 06:58
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RE: Servas Expedition-kim.
Thu, 21 Aug 2008 05:44:29 +0000
RE: Servas Expedition-kim.

Hi Kim     thanks for the outline.
We are very interested in your expedition. We live in Queensland, Australia, enjoy travelling and would love to find out more of your plans as they happen.    John is on Australian passport, Bev is on British passport.   We have been married for 25 years and sold our business in 2004 and am now retired.  John is 66 years and Bev 48 years old.  We have 2 daughters , one was married in May this year and the other is living in London at the moment.   We do a lot of 4 wheel driving in Australia both on the beach and in the outback.  Enjoy travelling, camping and outdoors.  John is a motorcycle enthusiast and is a member of the historic motorcycle club.  Bev teaches swimming to babies and children so we both keep busy and healthy.  We do not have any health problems.   No particular special skills as per your list, but are comfortable in and around people, ran our own business for 20 years so am confident dealing with people, accounting, computer etc.    John is mechanically minded and does all our car maintenance, rebuilds motors etc.   We do a lot of camping and am comfortable living out of a vehicle , have travelled in a small caravan around Australia for over 12 months and drove a small renault van around Europe for 7 months in 2005.  
Please let us know how the negotiations with Kia and Hyundi are going and what other sponsors you have in mind,  and if there is other information as it becomes available.    
Bev and John Wilkins
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