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작성자 Jong Soo Kim
작성일 2008-08-22 (금) 07:03
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Seoul to London 2010 Servas Expedition
An Invitation to a Servas Expedition
- 'Seoul to London 2010' the Asia-Europe Inter-Continent Expedition -

* Period: March 1, 2010  - August 31, 2010 (for 6 months)
* Route: From Seoul through Asia and Europe to London
* Team: 20 Servas members(10 Koreans and 10 multinationals)
* Invitation: The international Servas members are now being invited to join this expedtion.
* Contact: Mr. Jong Soo Kim N.S. Servas Korea
skype: kingofasia2 Cell: 82-16-830-2623
* Means of Transport Across the Land;
 - By four-wheel drive vehicle 8 hours  a day,
 - 4 members in each vehicle, and
 - Each person driving 2 hours a day in turns.

       After passing over a national border, the team will be divided into small groups or individuals to be hosted by Servas members in the newly arrived country for a designated period. Members will experience the culture, return to the base camp, and share their experience with others in a debriefing session.
       To the debriefing session, the mass media such as local newspapers and broadcasting companies in the nation will be invited to promote our expedition and Servas. The expedition may be assisted by local branch offices of the sponsor companies. The expedition will promote the Servas spirit of peace and harmony  and inspire Servas members and local citizens of the countries.

* Departure Point: Seoul, Korea  
* Final Destination Point: London, the United Kingdom
* Qualification of Participants: Physically and mentally healthy Servas members
* Team Composition: 20 multinational Servas members (10 Koreans and 10 others)
Visa matter: The necessary visas must be acquired individually before departure.
* Number of Teams: 5 teams, 5 vehicles (4 people in each vehicle)
* Transport Across Land: 5 four-wheel drive vehicles or alternatively 2 vans.
* Expenses: Any expenses not covered by the sponsors will be shared by the members of expedition.
  5 Four-wheel Drive Vehicles
The plan is to acquire the vehicles free of charge through negotiations with possible vehicle sponsors. If free acquisition of the vehicles becomes impossible, the expedition members will buy used vehicles and share the expenses.

* Expedition Route: Korea - China - Silk Road - Central Asia - West Asia - Eastern Europe - Northern Europe - (Southern Europe) - Central Europe - the Great Britain

* Sponsors:

 Vehicle Sponsor
Negotiations with the Hyundai Motors, the Kia Motors, or other vehicle manufacturers for free support of 5 four-wheel drive vehicles or 2 big vans with a mechanic. If the negotiation is successful, we will also be assisted by the company's overseas branch offices. In return, we will help the company in making the company's advertizement of the vehicle based on our expedition.

 Mass-Media Sponsors
Reporters of the daily/weekly newspapers, magazine publishers, and/or broadcasting companies such as  KBS, MBC and PSB can accompany us to record and report our expedition.

 Other Cooperate Sponsors
Any other companies interested in recording our expedition to use the recording for their image and/or product promotion may become our sponsors.

 Film Production of the Expedition for Sale
The expedition may be filmed by ourselves to be sold to a world-wide broadcast company such as the National Geographics or the Discovery.

 The Servas International has already promised to support this expedition.

* Specific Itinerary of the Expedition:
Seoul - Inchon (by car) - Chongdo (by ferry) - Kunming - Vietnam - Laos - Burma - the Silk Road

       After arriving at Chongdo, we will move to Kunming by car as soon as possible. We can spend the first 20 days of  March at Kunming,  the City of Flowers, to avoid the winter cold since it is still cold in northern part of China even in March. We will continue through warmer southern countries like Vietnam, Laos, and Burma. Then we'll move northwestward and join the silk road. The specifics of the rest of the itinerary will be decided later.

* Selection of Expedition Members:
In order to be evaluated whether the applicants are fit for the expedition, they will be examined and screened by designated authorities for physical and mental conditions.

* Role Sharing

1. Executive
2. Public Relations
3. Support
4. Finance
5. Immigration (Passport Control)
6. International Laws
7. Recording and Reporting
8. Filming and Photographing
9. Cooking
10. Medical (a doctor)
11. Expedition Scheduling
12 Trainers (the participants' language and others)
13. Vehicle Maintenance and Operations

* Training Plan:

1. Physical Training

2. Language Training; Members should pass the English conversation test to communicate with the multinational members and others while traveling.

* Recruitment Plan:

1. Domestic: Promotion through the Servas Korea's home page.
2. Overseas: Promotion through the home page of Servas International.
3. Team Composition: It will be decided March, 2008, 2 years prior to the departure.

* Applicants (who have already applied for the expedition):

1. Korean: 19 so far
2, Others: 7 so far
Harley (Sweden), Hadashi (Japan), Fred (USA), Ramesh and two others (India), Naseem (Pakistan)

       The invitation announcement will appear in the International Servas home page and its news letters. If you are interested in joining this expedition, which will be very tough to complete, please think it over carefully before applying. Therefor, the screening process will also be a tough one. The primary exam will be done at designated medical agencies and the secondary exam at other designated examination agencies.

* Members (who wish to join the Africa land cruise):

       The members who wish to join the Africa land cruise right after the dispersion in London may do so. The new team for the Africa land cruise will depart from London, pass through the back-lands of Africa, and disperse upon their arrival at Cape Town of South Africa 6 months later.
       It will be a 6 month journey with a relatively low cost as the team members will cook, set up their own tents and do nearly everything by themselves while traveling. The necessary visas must be acquired individually before departure - you can get most of them in London. You must set up your own means of departure from Cape Town, and  we suggest air departure from Cape Town.

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