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작성자 Jong-soo Kim,
작성일 2008-10-03 (금) 12:37
분 류 긴급
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FEA hongkong and Guangzhou Meeting 2008
Dear Servas friends,

I would thank you all of you to meet again in Hongkong and Guangzhou FEA Conference.

I came home yesterday safely from Macau, where I visited after Guangzhou meeting, no, the investment in casino was not successful this time. I was intended to get some money from the 'Lisboa' casino to cover my travel expense, but only failed as ever. Jeannette, thank you for the wonderful guide, even to the casino. Mr. Choi was lucky to win 120$. He should've give some money of that to you, but I know nothing of it. He is Korean genleman and I am sure he will follow our tradition, yes, you may expect some portion of the money from him.

Nisiyama sama, FEA Conference is getting more attractive and core meeting for Servas East Asia due to you devotion and leadership. I like to suggest that this meeting be more frequent than 2 year period. If it is not official and causal ones, members who are interested in meeting will be travelling and meeting more often than not. Please say my greetings to all Japanese members whom I met in Hongkong and Guanzhou.

Julian, Iris, Jeannette, Malcolm, Jacky, Antonio, Paul, Victoria, Melissa, Dantes and Winnie. All of you were great for the meeting, the preparation is not easy as I experienced in the last Busan FEA Conference. I would thank you all in behalf of Sevas Korea. Tomorrow, we are going to have Servas Korea Executive Committee meeting in Gyeongju, ancient capital city of Silla Dyansty of the third quarter of 2008 and the next day biking tours to the region, which is open for all of Servas, now some 40 members will be attending. This event is organizing by Donggyeongbuk Region at this time of every year. In the meeting, let me report of the Hongkong FEA Conference.

The Servas China meeting with 16 Servas members in Guangzhou was great. Dr. Yi, actually I collected all the email addresses of the attendees, but the memo slip is gone. So I am sorry I can't mention their names and send the bread and butter note note. Please give them my warm greetings for me. Your vision to plant Servas in every province over 50 Provinces in China is, for me, worth devotion of some people. It is a dream for all of the Servas members aound the world. Let us dream it come true together and some day let us travel in China through Servas. The evening cruise on the river and the Dim Sum dinner and visiting the Jungsan 中山 University was one of the most memorable events for me.

Serena and Theresa from ROC or Chinese Taipei made this meeting special, for the devotion of Serena the members now 118 from 60 last year. This is an amazing stroy. And Theresa is joining Servas ROC from South Africa. The next FEA or EA meeting  in your country will be another epoch Sevas campaign in this region, I believe.

Lastly and firstly, I would like to offer a testimonial sympathy to the family of Mr. Pramod Kumar, General Secretary SI, for the untimely death of his beloved mother.

In Peace and Servas
Jong Soo, Kim
N.S. Servas Korea
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