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작성자 Jong S. Kim
작성일 2008-10-24 (금) 09:18
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08 Hongkong FEA Meeting Report
This report of 2008 Hongkong FEA Conference was writtend by Mr. Nisiyama, the FEA Area Coordinator.-kim

                           A Schedule for the 2008 FEA Meeting

  We’d like to hold our 5th FEA Meeting in September this year with a purpose of re-

confirming our concept of peace building and friendship through exchanging our ideas

and experiences.

1) Date    Saturday, September 27 through Monday, September 29, 2008  

2) Place    YMCA Hotel, Hong Kong

※  YMCA International House

23 Waterloo Road,

Yaumatei, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2783-3234

Fax: (852) 2771-5238


3) Schedule

Day 1  Saturday, September 27

09:00   Welcome greetings by Iris Cheng, Main Contact, Servas Hong Kong

       Introduction of guests by Iris Cheung

       * Ms Hishig Sambuu, Contact, Mongolia ?

       * NSs from India, Pakistan, etc?

09:20   Report after greetings by NSs, FEA        

       Chang-xian Yi, NS, China

       Serena Tang, NS, Taiwan

       Kim Jong Soo, NS, Korea

       Masahiro Nishiyama, NS, Japan

       Iris Cheung, Main Contact, Hong Kong  

10:20   Questions and answers about the reports by NSs

12:00   Lunch at the cafeteria, YMCA Hotel

13:00   A talk by the guests

13:00   Questions and answers about the guests’ talk

13:30   a 30 minutes break

14:00   Discussions ~ Part 1  

       a) How to promote more exchanges among FEA countries?

       b) How to recruit and secure new members in China?

       c) How to help Servas Mongolia develop?

17:00   Touring around Hong Kong

20:00   Dinner at a Chinese restaurant?

21:00   Participants go to their hotel rooms booked by Servas Hong Kong.

Day 2   Sunday, September 28

08:00   Breakfast at the cafeteria, YMCA hotel

09:00   Discussions ~ Part 2

       d) What to do for the 6oth anniversary of Servas International ( 2009 )?

e) How to help Servas Korea in case it is decided to be the venue

of SI Conference, 2009?

       f) About the change of name from FEA to Ea

       g) Other topics

11:00   Photograph taking followed by a one-hour break

12:00   Lunch at the cafeteria, YMCA hotel

13:30   To move Guangzhou by train

15:30   To arrive at Guanzhou

16:00   Touring around Guangzhou

20:00   Dinner at a restaurant?

21:00   Participants go to their hotel rooms booked by Servas China

Day 3   Monday, September 29

09:00   Free discussions among EA and other area(s) members

11:00   A closing greeting by Iris Cheung, MC

       ※ Participants return to their countries.

4) Some notices:

 a) Every participant is required to pay a fee of 480 US dollars at the YMCA.

    ※ 480 US dollars include

       120 ( two nights in HK )  50 ( one night in Guangzhou)  30 ( lunch )

        40 ( welcome dinner )  60 ( other meals )  50 ( tour in HK )

      40 ( tour in Guangzhou )  40 ( ticket to Guangzhou )  50 ( for other exp. )

b) In making an application, please e-mail to Iris Chen at and tell her the names,

   ages, and male / female.

※  The deadline is

A Report on the 5th East Asia Meeting:           Masahiro Nishiyama, AC, East Asia  

 We, Servas East Asia ( ex-Far East Asia ), had our 5th meeting on September 27, 28, and 29, 2008, in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China.  

In Hong Kong it was held at the Cityview Hong Kong Hotel ( formerly called YMCA International House ) attended by over 30 members: 1 (China), 15 (Hong Kong), 2 (Taiwan), 7 (Korea), 7 (Japan).  In China, we met at a cozy restaurant downtown Guangzhou, attended by over 20 members and non-members (college students): 10 (China), 1 (Hong Kong), 2 (Korea), 5 (Japan).            

 As Day 1 was to begin early in the morning at 9:00, most of the participants arrived on the previous day.  As a result, it might be said that our meeting started on the evening of September 26.  At 18:30 most of us gathered in the lobby and left for the Maxim Palace Restaurant, where we had discussions on this and that as we enjoyed the world-famous Hong Kong food.  After dinner we were taken to famous spots like Ladies Market, Night market, and Victoria Harbor.  

Day 1: Saturday, September 27

 It started at 09:00 by a welcome speech by Julian Kwong, NS, Servas Hong Kong.

He also introduced all the NS’s from China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.  Then at 09:20

each NS’s made a report on his / her own country in 2007.  

Dr. Changxian Yi, NS, Servas China:

1)      About 15 members are enlisted but a shift in membership is often observed.

2)      Our annual meeting saw 5 members attend from two areas.  It is not easy to meet  together because of the vast area of our country.

3)      It is still difficult for individuals to go abroad.

4)      I make it a rule to answer all the inquiries from members and non-members.

5)      Occasionally I write a Servas newsletter and deliver it to our members.

6)      As a result of my discussion with Julian, NS, Hong Kong, I decided to have a small

meeting at a restaurant in Guangzhou.  It should be the first Servas meeting in China!  

Mr. Julian Kwong, NS, Hong Kong

1)      We have 22 members, all day-hosts.

2)      Our main activity for this year was to make preparations for the 5th East Asia meet.

3)      Due to our typical busy way of life we often have small members attend our meeting.

4)      I offered my office as a place to be used for Servas meetings.

5)      In August Jeannette So, Deputy NS, met Ms Hishig Sambuu in Ulaanbaatar.  She is Main Contact for Servas Monglia.

Ms Serena Tang, NS, Taiwan

1)      There are 118 members: 50 hosts and 68 day hosts.  

2)      About 60 members went abroad, while 8 travelers visited us.

3)      In February we had a national meeting, attended by 51 members.

4)      On May 29 a female member appeared in a TV program, and on June 1 eleven members appeared in another TV program.  Thanks to these incidents we had more new members.

5)      When we have visitors to Taipei, I usually arrange a restaurant for gathering.

6)      Now that we have so many members, I’d like to ask EXCO to recognize Taiwan as

Member Group.

Mr. Kim Jong Soo, NS, Korea

1)      The number of Servas Korean members has reached 670.

2)      27 members went abroad, while we had 41 travelers from abroad.  

3)      We have a national meeting once a year, and EXCO Korea meet quarterly.  On the other hand, 12 regions also hold a meeting quarterly.

4)      In April we signed a joint business agreement with Pusan Convention Bureau.

5)      In July Servas Korea was registered as an NGO by our government.

6)      Last year between April and July we made “Servas Korea European Tour,” covering

31 countries in Europe.  Sometimes we visited hosts as well as NSs and officials, while we had opportunities to visit Asikov Folk School in Denmark and to attend the European Servas Summer University 2008 in Germany.

Mr. Masahiro Nishiyama, NS, Japan

1)      We have 319 members, most of whom are hosts.

2)      In the end of March we hold a national meeting, while seven districts hold their own local meetings several times.

3)      We tried to make our homepage more attractive by organizing an IT team.

4)      Ms. Hayashi, secretary for Hiroshima area, took good care of a Mongolian girl student studying in Hiroshima.  Thanks to her encounter with Ms Hayashi, Ms Hishig Sambuu set up Servas Mongolia.  

5)      Last year about 50 members went abroad, while about 200 travelers visited Japan.

6)      For the past several years we saw the number of enrollment decrease but recently it seems to have stopped, thanks to the efforts of our members.

Warm Greetings from Ms Hishig Sambuu, Main Contact, Mongolia

1)      I’m working for an NGO named “Save the Children” located in Ulaanbaatar.

2)      In winter it is very cold with a temperature of minus 30 degrees by centigrade

but in summer we can enjoy a warm temperature rising to 30 degrees!  The best season is between July and August.

3)      Mongolia is a young country with 30 % of our population under 35 years old, while literacy is quite high with 97 % and most of the children attend school.

4)      In Ulaanbaataar, our capital, about 1 million people live, half in apartment houses and half in their own houses or in gers.  In the countryside people keep their traditional way of living.

5)      I am honored to be the first member of Servas Mongolia.  All of you are welcome to

our country.  Please come and visit me.

6)      As Main Contact for Servas Mongolia I’d like to recruit as many new members as I

can this year.  Your suggestions are most welcome.

NS: Ms Hishig Sambuu met Ms Jeannette So, Deputy NS, Hong Kong, in Ulaanbaataar

   in August, when she visited there on business. They had a fruitful discussion about

   how to manage Servas activities, and Ms Hishig Sambuu handed a powerpoint CD

   as well as a written introduction of Mongolia.  Jeannette So made a present-    ation using the CD, attracting a keen attention from all of us present.

After a short coffee break we had a Q-A session about the reports by NSs.

Q-A with China

Q: What do you have in mind concerning a development of Servas China?

A: We really face some barriers but I want to do my best.  First of all I’d like to recruit

  reliable persons especially in big cities like Shanghai and Guilin.  A lot of foreign-

  ners come to these places but no members are there.  Next, I am thinking of finding  at least one reliable person in each big city.  Then I could trust them to manage their cities by themselves.  I also want to hold the East Asia meeting in China in the near future.  Your suggestions are always welcome.  Please help us.

Q: Do you have any plan for the Servas 60th anniversary next year?

A: Sorry but we’ve had no time to discuss it. Let us make it as soon as possible and

  discuss what we can do for it.

Q-A with Hong Kong

Q: What do you think is good to improve your activities?

A: As I told in my report, I opened a part of my office for the members to make use of it.

 Here in Hong Kong everybody is so busy from morning till night.  An open space could serve for a good purpose, I hope.

Q: Any plan for Servas 60th anniversary in 2009?

A: Sorry but we neither discussed it but let us do it as soon as possible by reading the

“Checklist for Successful Servas 60th Celebrations” issued by EXCO.  

Q-A with Taiwan

Q: Servas Taiwan saw such an increase last year.  What is your plan for the future?

A: Two dreams are in my head.  One is, as I told in my report, we strongly want to be

  recognized as Member Group by the next GA.  Next I wish more travelers to visit

  Taiwan.  Our climate is good and our food is so delicious.  You are most welcome!

Q: Any plan for the Servas 60th Anniversary?

A: Sorry but none for the present.  However, let us discuss it as soon as possible.


Q-A with Korea

Q: What is your activities plan?

A: We have two big projects.  One is “2010 Seoul to London Caravan,” which we have

  decided to carry out in accordance with the Servas 60th Anniversary.  We will leave

  Seoul, our capital, on March 1, 2010, and reach London on August 30.  For more in-

  formation in detail, please have a look at my written report.  Another plan is “Servas Tour Korea,” which is also in accordance with the Servas 60th Anniversary.

 We will celebrate the 60th anniversary of Servas International by touring all the 12 regions of Korea by spending 5 years!  Some part will be done by walking, some by bicycling, and some by car.  We are to start on January 1, 2009 and complete it on

 December 31, 2013.  You can know more about this project in the written report, too.


Q-A with Japan

Q: Please tell us your plan for the future.

A: For the Servas 60th Anniversary we decided to carry out some plans related to peace-

 building.  For instance, we will take part in peace parades and collaborate with UNICEF activities in our seven districts.  We were asked by the Torino secretary of Italy to help with their research to design the first peace museum in Italy.  We are honored by this request.

Q: Any other plans?

A: Yes, we have two more.  One is to publish our own history book in accordance with

  the 50th anniversary of Servas Japan in 2012.  Another plan is also interesting and

  worthwhile.  We asked Mr Seishiro Tomioka, an old member, and his son to make

  a DVD by interviewing pioneers of Servas like Bob Luiteweiler.  An interview with him was completed just before he passed away last last year.  It was shown to all the

 members present at his memorial ceremony in US this year.  

At 13:00 we had Discussions ~ Part 1.

1) How to promote more exchanges among East Asian countries?

2) How to recruit and secure new members in China?  

3) How to help Servas Mongolia?

 On the one hand we ran short of time.  On the other hand these topics were partly discussed in the Q-A sessions mentioned above.  As a result I have few things to report,

though I asked those present to introduce good persons living in China to Dr. Changxian Yi, NS, if they know any, and also to get more interested in Mongolian culture and if possible to make a trip to that country as a traveler.

At 15:00 Discussions ~ Part 2 started.

1)      What to do for the 6oth anniversary of Servas International in 2009?

2)      How to help Servas Korea in case it is decided as the venue for GA in 2009?

3)      Free discussions about Servas news in each country.

For the first topic I delivered the pamphlet written by EXCO “ Checklist for Success-

ful Servas 60th Celebrations.”  It was only in Korea and Japan that we could see projects related to it, so I asked the other countries to discuss it and make up some plan

as soon as possible.  I hope they will make it soon.

 For the second topic, the time does not seem ripe for Korea for several reasons.  Therefore, we did not discuss the problem in public, though one Korean asked about it.


For the last topic, I delivered some pamphlets I prepared; “A list of countries with Servas members,” “Some interesting data on Servas as yet of 2007,” and the “Checklist for Successful Servas 60th Celebrations.”  I also showed an enlarged picture of the EXCO members with their names!

 Showing these papers I tried to invite voices from the floor, but there were not very many responses, though they showed interest in the information like the number of each country.

 At 18:15 we gathered in the lobby and went by bus to the Graduate House, University of Hong Kong, for dinner.  After dinner we went for sightseeing to Victoria Peak and Kowloon.  It was late at night when we came back to the hotel.


Day 2 : Sunday, September 28

 After breakfast at a local restaurant “Choi Fook,” we had Discussions ~ Part 3.    

1) About changing the name of Far East Asia

2) Any other business

 Regarding the first topic, I offered the movement to all the participants.  I told them that the term “Far East Asia” might be suitable to represent Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, but our area includes China, Hong Kong, and Mongolia, too.  Then I proposed changing it to East Asia.  It was agreed on unanimously.  

 Then we discussed where we have our next meeting.  We agreed to hold it in Taiwan

in 2010.

 Our area meeting came to an end in a peaceful mood.  Some participants returned home but all the NSs and some other participants went to Guangzhou, guided by Dr. Changxian Yi, Ns, China.  We took an express train at Hung Hom Station, Hong Kong, and arrived at Guangzhou in about 2 hours.  Then we enjoyed a delightful tour around the big city, visiting a craft art museum and boarding a cruise boat on the Pearl River for dinner.  That night we stayed at Jinan University Hostel.

 The next morning Dr. and Mrs. Changxian Yi took us to a restaurant for breakfast

and discussion with several students of Sun Yat-sen University.  Both Dr. and Mrs. Changxian Yi teach at the university.  Talking with the students was so interesting and fruitful, because they showed keen interest in our activities.  I had an impression that some of them would join Servas China in the near future.  

One of them was Ms Vivica Xiong, a graduate from the university.  She studied in United States, when she met Mary Jane Mikuriya, Vice President of Servas Inter- national.  She was so kind to Vivica and recommended her to experience a traveling as a Servas member in the States.   Vivica is now working for an airline company in Guangzhou.  She must make a strong and reliable partner in developing Servas China.  

 I suggested to Dr and Mrs Changxian Yi that we hold East Asia Meeting in Guang-

Zhou, to which they agreed joyfully.  I wish we could make it after Taiwan.  


A Schedule for the 2007 FEA Meeting


We’d like to hold our 4th FEA Meeting in April this year with a purpose of reconfirming our philosophy of peace-building and friendship through exchanging our ideas and experiences.

1) Date   Saturday, April 7 and Sunday, April 8, 2007

2) Place  Arirang Hotel, Pusan, Korea

3) Schedule

 Day 1  Saturday, April 7, 2007

 14:00  Welcome greetings by Kim Jong Soo, NS, Servas Korea

        Introduction of guests by Kim Jong Soo, NS, Servas Korea

        * Mary Jane Mikuriya, VS, Servas International

        * Siriporn Srithong, AC, SEA

        * Other guests

  14:30  Report after greetings by NSs, FEA

               * Changxian Yi, NS, China

               * Julian Kwon, NS, Hong Kong

               * Serena Tang, NS, Taiwan

               * Kunio Tanaka, deputy NS, Japan

               * Kim Jong Soo, NS, Korea

     15:00  Questions and answers about their reports

     15:10  A talk by Mary Jane Mikuriya, VS, SI

               * About SI Statues, activities in other countries, problems SI faces, etc

      16:00  Questions and answers about VS’s presentation

      16:10  Free discussions among FEA members and observers from abroad

     17:00  End of free discussions

         ~ a one-hour break

      18:00  Dinner and entertainment

                 * Talking, Korean traditional music and dances, etc.

              * Photograph-taking

19:30  Closing greetings by NS, Korea

      20:00  Prticipants go to their hotel rooms booked by Servas Korea.  ( Arirang Hotel )

 Day 2 Sunday, April 8, 2007

     09:00  Section meetings with a moderator

                      Group  1 ~ About Servas Statues ( Mary Jane Mikuriya )  

                      Group  2 ~ To promote more exchanges among FEA countires

                                                                                 ( Kim Jong Soo )

                       Group  3 ~ Exchange with SEA countries ( Masahiro Nishiyama )

             10:00  Leave for an excursion to Kyongju by bus

              * Kyongju is an ancient capital city of Shinla Dynasty.

             12:30  Lunch in Kyongju

        17:00  Participants go to their host families arranged by Servas Korea!

4) Some notices

a) Every participant is required to pay a fee of 70 US dollars for overnight stay at Arirang Hotel.

b) Servas Korea is capable of accommodating up to 100 participants.

c) Servas Korea will hold its national conference at the same time.  

d) An EXCO meeting might be held before the FEA meeting.

e) In making an application NSs of FEA except for Japan are required to tell Kim Jong Soo, NS, Servas Korea, how many persons will come and how many days they will stay in Korea.  Please apply by means of e-mail.

f) NSs or official delegates from Southwest and Southern Asian countries are also required to make an application to Kim Jong Soo, NS, Korea, by telling him who will join the 2007 FEA meeting through e-mail.  They could be funded 300 US dollars by Servas Korea.  Please ask NS, Servas Korea, if funding is wanted.

g) Application to the 2007 FEA Meeting should be submitted to Kim Jong Soo, NS, Korea, no later than March 15, 2007.  

5) Contact persons information

In charge of application

Kim Jong Soo, National Secretary

105-504 Daewoo Apt, Dadae-dong, Saha-gu,

Busan, Korea 604-755

Tel ( home ):  + 82-(0)51-263-2623

Mobile phone:  +82-(0)16-830-2623

E-mail: < >

      < >

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