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작성자 박정희
작성일 2016-01-27 (수) 13:04
첨부#1 Newsletter_for_Servas_Korea.pdf (1,163KB)
ㆍ조회: 621    
2016 상반기 newsletter

Newsletter for Servas Korea
Bulletin 5, Janurary
About Us: Servas Korea (SK) Organization Executive Committee – led by National Secretary (Choi, Byung Wan).
11 regional branches and coordinators.
Total active members: 402 (Jan 2016).
Website: http://www.servas. or.kr.
Korean Tourism Organization Website : http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/index.jsp.
Enthusiastic Servas Koreans
Servas activities began in 1965 by Dr Lee, Donghun, a medical doctor practicing in Busan. . Official Servas Korea organization was established in 1976. Since 1977, Servas Korea (SK) has annually issued the host list. Servas Korea is growing fast and larger thanks to the eager activities by its members, participating in the international gatherings, hosting international travellers and visiting hosts around the world. Servas Korea is well-known for its top hospitality and enthusiasm. We are ready to do our part in the Servas International. SK EXCO Meeting, January 2016
When: January 9th – 10th 2016.
Where: Damyang, Jeolla Province.
Host: Jeon Nam Branch.
Participants: 30 ( EXCO members, regional coordinators, and other Servas Koreans).
Activities: Conference for 4 hours, visiting historic places and hiking to the snow-covered mountain top. The conference continued for four hours consecutively with heated discussions and arguments on many agenda, including new projects for 2016 and
publishing the history book for Servas Korea.
There were also presentations regarding to how to write LOIs, how to interview the candidates for Servas membership, how to join Dolphin Team, and management of homepage, etc. The next day some of the participants visited a few traditional pavilions situated on hills with unique history , while others went hiking to the top of the snow-covered mountain.
Participants In front of Gasa Literary Museum.
The view of Gasa Literary Museum from outside. New Korean Working Group Elected 11 key persons are elected for the new term(Jan.2016-Dec.2018), headed by Mr. Choi, Byung Wan, the National Secretary, during the National General Meeting in Seoul(Nov. 28-29).
Position Name E-mail Telephone
National Secretary
Choi, Byung Wan
010-5255-0591 NAT SEC
Vice National Secretary
Lee, Jong Won 2bello@hanmail.net 010-5403-8113 DEPUTY Administrator Song, Sang Kee sksong@suncheon.ac.kr 010-8484-2170 HELPER Peace Secretary Kim, Kyu Ok kko@koti.re.kr 010-3906-1969 PEACE SEC
National Treasurer
Lee, Jae Kyung
kyung1956@dreamwiz. com 010-2501-3045 TREAS
Public Relations Secretary
Park, Jung Hee junghee_p@hotmail.com 010-8757-1341 HELPER Auditor 1 Lee, Byung Hun happy400@hanmail.net 010-4557-8678 HELPER Auditor 2 Song, Eun Duck sed777@daum.net 010-5690-1753 HELPER Host List Coordinator & Web Manager Park, Jae Kwoang minari65@naver.com 010-6655-4234 NAT HOST LIST COORD
Newly elected executive committee are being introduced National General Assembly for 2016 held in Seoul When: November 28th – 29th, 2015.
Where: Seoul Youth Hostel, Seoul.
Host: Seoul Branch.
Participants: 124 including 2 Japanese, 2 Thais, 1 Taiwanese, 1 Chinese and 1 Dutch.
Activities: Guided tour around Han-Ok village, conference, and walking along the Seoul Fortress Wall and hiking up to the Namsan Beacon Fire Station. The National General Assembly for Servas Korea, 2015 was held at Seoul Youth Hostel on November 28th through 29th. The venue was located on Namsan, one of the most beautiful hills in Seoul. 124 people including a Taiwanese, two Japanese, two Thais, one Chinese and one Dutch also joined the event.
Before the conference, we toured around the Han-Ok Village, and appreciated the unique beauty and architectural features of traditional Korean wooden houses. During the conference the
newly elected working group was introduced.
The new national secretary, Choi, Byung Wan was full of ambition and vowed he would do his best to expand Servas Korea into the world.
The next day we walked along the Seoul Fortress Wall and up to the Namsan Beacon Fire Station. The view from there was gorgeous though the sight wasn’t as clear as we hoped because of the drizzling weather.
2015 National General Assembly in Seoul               
Entrance to Namsan Trail Discover Korea in Gangneung When: September 5th – 6th, 2015
Where: Gangneung, Gangwon Province
Host: Gangwon Branch
Participants: 140 including 1 Chinese
Activities: walking along the unfrequented beach, bonding events, and visiting a temple
Discover Korea in Gangneung, Gangwon Province       
The mesmerizing view of Little Gumgang.      
140 members joined Discover Korea, an annual event of exploring the hidden beauty of Korea.
Gangwon province is located on the far north-eastern part of Korea and is not an easy place to visit for Koreans living in other parts of Korea, though it is abundant with excellent landscapes of both the sea and the mountains.
Before the conference we walked along the empty beach, watching the horizon. Visiting a temple, Hyuhyu Hermitage, was an unforgettable experience.
The temple was located on a cliff and the sea in front of it was teeming with small fish. During the conference we enjoyed our friendship and fellowship through games and presentations on Servas activities of each regions.
On the second day, we all started on a trip to Little Gumgang which is known for its magnificent mountains and dazzling waterfalls. It was like we jumped into another world.
SICOGA 2015 in New Zealand When: October 10th – 16th, 2015.
Where: Totara Springs, Auckland, New Zealand.
Host: Servas New Zealand.
Participants: 179 from all over the world.
Activities: General Assembly, mingling with each other and small trips. A delegation of 13 members of Servas Korea participated in the Servas International General Assembly, which is held every 3 years.
It was the first experience for many of us to join in the General Assembly.  A week at the conference in Totara Springs in Matamata, near Auckland was very special in every way. We mingled with Servas people from all over the world, exchanging cultures and sharing ideas.
A day out bus trip through the heartland of New Zealand with all the other participants was fun and informative.
We strengthened our friendship with them through a lot of conversations during the trip. It was an unforgettable collection of beautiful moments.
Servas International 2015 in Totara Springs-We are one.
Korean delegates singing Korean folksong ‘Arirang’ and Maori folk song ‘Po Karekare Ana’ on the stage during SICOGA
East Asian Meeting in SICOGA (Members from Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan got together for friendship).
Korean Servas members at Lake Taupo.
The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway. - Henry Boye
Servas International Travelling
We went out to the world to meet our fellow Servas members and they welcomed us to their home and shared their lives with us.
7 Servas Koreans joining in Nagoya regional meeting in Japan.
Miseon and Suwako in Seki city, Gifu prefecture in Japan.
Junghee with the Whalls in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Kim, Chae Hwan and Tak, Giju with Jackie Holland in Wellington, New Zealand.
Yun, Young Bum and Kim, Yun Jung with Fred and his family in Auckland, NZ.
The ornaments of your home are the people who smile upon entering time and time again. - Maralee Mckee
Junghee and Youngsoon with Jeniffer in Auckland, New Zealand.
Welcoming Travellers Into Our Home We have welcomed many Servas travellers into our homes and lives. It is always a great pleasure to have guests in our homes, which is an exciting way of learning about life. Nagata Suwako from Japan with Junghee, Misun and Eum Jaeryang in the garden.
Sebastian Zielinski from Poland at the top of Halla Mountain.
Mrs. Gubo from Japan with Servas Busan members.
Yong Mow Chung and Wai Leng Chia from Malaysia visiting a girls’ high school.
Jo Mcintire from USA with Yang, Whang Il in Jeju.
Julen and Sarah from Belgium with Han, Dong Ho in Jeju.
Daniel Hayes from USA with Han, Dong Ho and Yi, Chung Hun in Jeju.
Yong Mow Chung & Wai Leng Chia from Malaysia with Han, Dong Ho in Jeju.
The Geerdinks from the Netherlands in Choonchun hosted by Kim, Hyeryun.
Michael Hung from Taiwan with Yun, Young and Kim, Yun Jung in Yuncheon city.
Mrs. Ogata and Mrs. Yoshioka from Japan tasting doenjang.
Korean traditional bean paste at Yi, Byung Hun’s mom’s. Yi, Byung Hun’s mom keeps her crocks of soy sauce, bean paste, red pepper paste, etc on the rooftop of her house. Jeju, the most popular spot among travellers We can tell from the above that Jeju is surely the most popular place for foreign
Servas members. The island’s mixture of volcanic rock, frequent rains, and temperate climate, make it very similar to the Hawaiian Islands in the U.S. Thus the island offers visitors a wide range of activities: hiking on Halla-san (South Korea’s highest peak), catching sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, viewing majestic waterfalls, riding horses, or just lying around on the sandy beaches.
Servas Tribes for Hobbies
We have several spontaneous groups for developing language skills or exercising, which expands our minds and keeps our bodies fit.
Members of Servas Busan are learning Spanish once a week.
Passionate cyclists from Servas Busan.
Thank you so much! Gracias! 감사합니다! 谢谢! ありがとうござい ます!

이름아이콘 허종
2016-01-28 11:03
박정희 홍보이사님 멋지게 하셨습니다.
이 멋진 뉴스레타를 누구나 볼 수 있지만 결코 누구나 만들 수 없습니다.

박선생 같은 열정과 집념이 있는 사람, 그리고 남을 위해 봉사하려는 성의가 있는 사람만이
이루어 낼수 있는 작품이지요. 정말 고맙습니다. 이제야 뉴스레타 다운 서바스 코리아의
뉴스레타를 정기적으로, 또 정시에 만날 수 있게 되어 대단히 기쁩니다.

허   종
이름아이콘 강승호
2016-01-31 19:37
멋집니다. 수고하셨습니다.
이름아이콘 최병완
2016-01-31 19:57
엄청 많은 노력과 열정으로  만든 2016 상반기 News Letter "금의야행" 이 되지 않고
공유 할수 있도록 해주세요
이름아이콘 김채환
2016-01-31 19:58
박선생님 멋진 뉴스레터 만드시느라 수고하셨습니다.
이름아이콘 엄재량
2016-01-31 19:58
박선생님의 수고가 여실히 보입니다 앞으로도 잘부탁드립니다
이름아이콘 탁기주
2016-02-27 07:48
박선생님 수고 많으셨습니다.  멋진 작품입니다.  감사합니다.
이름아이콘 최윤자
2016-08-14 19:57
수고가 많으십니다
엄청난  노력과  열정이 느껴집니다  
멋진 뉴스  ~~~~  감사합니다
Thank  you  so  much !!!

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