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작성자 서바스회장
작성일 2017-07-11 (화) 06:45
ㆍ조회: 139    
IP: 124.xxx.195
SICOGA 2018 in Korea Time table

Planning for Skype meeting re: SICOGA 2018 in Korea

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Dear Kyuok and Servas Korea friends,

I am concerned that I have not seen any communication from you since your June 25, 2017 meeting. Also, we have missed the June 30, 2017 deadline for the payment of the deposit for the SICOGA 2018 venue. Is there a problem?

Are you available for a Skype meeting to discuss the tentative timetable that I have discussed with SI Exco, and also to identify contact people from Servas Korea to work with different parts of the conference planning? 
What time of day is best for you to meet with me? I believe that I am 17 hours behind you, which makes it a little complicated to schedule. I would be able to meet until 10pm my time (after that I would fall asleep!) which is 3pm the next day for you. Do you think we can find a time between 9am and 3pm your time (4pm and 10pm my time) to talk? It is Servas Korea's decision about who attends the Skype meetings, of course. At future meetings I will add Amir Levy and maybe others, depending on what we are discussing. I will volunteer to do minutes of the meetings, for your review.

I have attached the latest draft timetable and roles document. They are not complete, but are a starting point. Servas Korea's comments, corrections and input into it is definitely needed.

In particular, I would like to identify the following people from Servas Korea:

1. Project Manager: Main contact/project manager from Servas Korea who will work with Penny on the overall project
2. Venue: Main venue contact, if different from the main contact/project manager
3. Youth: A Youth coordinator, who can work with the Youth Team on a Youth meeting probably to happen just before the conference
4. Logo: Normally the host country designs the logo from the conference - if there is going to be one for SICOGA 2018, we need it quite soon as early announcements of the conference will be sent in the next month or two.
5. Registration: Amir Levy from Israel has managed the website for registration for the past 2 conferences and has agreed to do it again. There needs to be a main contact person for registration from Servas Korea
6. Visas: As soon as registration begins, we will need to know the person or people who will be handling visas for registrants. This important and large task is needed before any funding of delegates can be confirmed.

Later there will be other roles to discuss of course! And you may already have additions or changes to the above list.

I look forward to hearing from you.

In peace,
Penny Pattison
SI General Secretary
Project Manager, SICOGA 2018

이름아이콘 송동환
2017-07-16 07:58
매우 중요하고 시급한 과제이군요!!!

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