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작성자 서바스회장
작성일 2017-12-21 (목) 11:30
ㆍ조회: 119    
IP: 114.xxx.50

Dear Byungwan Choi and Kyuok Kim,
a message from Jonny S�g�nger, the President of Servas International.
I would like you to know how pleased I am to hear from Penny P that the preparations for SICOGA 2018 are developing with full speed. 
On a slightly different note I would like to inform you that the blue text below will be published in the next issue of the newsletter SI News Bulletin (4-2017).
The article is written by me and Penny, since I have been approached by a number of people who would like to know about SI Exco's analysis and plan of action for SICOGA 2018 in the light of increased political tension on the Korean peninsula. 
If you would like to add a few sentences, you're most welcome to do so. 

FYI (for your information), this is the text:

SI Exco, Servas Korea and many volunteer key persons are working hard to prepare for the Servas International Conference and General Assembly, SICOGA, which will take place in October 2018 in South Korea (the Republic of Korea).
This work is carried out as we observe the current tensions on the Korean Peninsula. SI Exco and Servas Korea are well aware of the political challenges in the world today, and are monitoring the situation. We watch and trust that sanity will prevail.
It is not the first time in history that such a tense situation arises. The years 1969, 1994 and 2010 are remembered as years of especially tense moments on the Korean Peninsula. Parties stepped back and crisis were overcome.SI Exco's contingency plan, if the situation should deteriorate, would be to postpone SICOGA 2018. If it � at some point � becomes our belief that the conference should not go ahead, we will notify all Servas National Groups as soon as possible. The current plan is not to look for an alternative host country for SICOGA 2018 at that time, due to human and financial constraints.
By Jonny S�g�nger, President, Servas International
Penny Pattison, SI General Secretary

All the best 

All the best

Jonny S�g�nger


Servas International

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