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SICOGA 2018 - Accommodation options



SICOGA 2018 - Accommodation options


Gulsen - 17.Jan.2018

Junghee - 24.Jan.2018

Amir - 24.Jan.2018


1 - in case of someone wishing to stay for one day or two, how much will cost a single day including meals?


- We are not considering those cases as we don't remember any precedent of partial participation in SICOGA so far. Furthermore, it will make budget planning and practicing very complicated because the participation fee doesn't cover only beds and meals. It includes joints expenses for renting the conference halls, using the facilities, reserve fund, etc., the list goes endless. We are sorry not to be able to grant those wishes.


Only as a reminder, so in New Zealand 2015 we had indeed such cases and they were charged less accordingly.

But to be honest, I am not in favor of this option from many more reasons than mentioned. it also take the place of those who wish to come for full time, it takes time for them to adjust, they keep asking for updates, there is a need to program the registration site accordingly and so on.


So my warm recommendation is that on our Skype meeting today we shall come out with a firm recommendation: "Registration is possible only for the entire 7 days and by paying the full participation fee" . this rule will be added to the invitation letter and in the web guidelines page.    


2. Is there a possibility of someone to stay during the day and pay only for meals but not to have a room for the night? And if yes, how much it will cost them then?


- Negative for the same reasons mentioned above.

- Moreover, we are going to provide many activities to the participants, some in the conference venue, others outside the building, in other parts of Seoul and in nearby cities. We are afraid it wont be easy for us to manage both participants staying inside and outside the venue at the same time with our limited human resources.



Good you see this in the same eyes as I am. Only as a general information for all of you, that was one of the main reasons that in all the former conferences the venue was chosen to be 100s Km from the main tourism cities. To avoid some random visits and the need to handle them.


What will be needed I think, is that just before the conference will start Servas Korea will tell all their members, in a very sensitive and delicate way that those who are not participating can't just come for a part day visit or so.            


And maybe also to add in the registration guideline rule also the following:

"Due to many logistic reasons unfortunately there will not be any ability to welcome visitors for a sort visit or a daily stay".   



3. How far are some hotels or hostels and how much should cost a room there? What would be the effect on the budget if we decide to take this option?


1) motels: it takes around 50 minutes in one way and costs about 100 US Dollars per one room with two beds


50x 7 = 350 US$. Very far and very expensive, mainly as there is also a need to pay for transportation.


 2) Lotte City Hotel near Gimpo Airport: it takes 30 minutes  and will cost 140 US dollars


70 x 7 = 490 UD$


 3) Youngdeonpo Youth Hostel: takes 70 minutes, costs 80 US Dollars


The commuting time is based on local Koreans who know the geography well around the area, so it could take longer for the foreigners. Also, the traffic is very heavy during the rush hour. It would be extremely challenging for anyone to take the public transportation during the mornings and evenings much as anybody wants to experience the real local traffic jam.


Besides that expensive argument, we already know the other implications of such option. Even from the socializing POV. (Point of View).

It will of course cause a very complicated fee calculation, and we do not even know if the venue itself will agree to that.  


As a reminder, this idea was born due to lack of 2 beds rooms and trying to find a solution for couples. But most of the expected couples are quite adult and it might be hard for them to manage. And also, at least one of most couples is a key person and need to be at the venue in most of the nights till very late and early in the meeting room.  


So I would recommend that on our Skype meeting we shall come up with the following firm recommendation:

Based on the gathered information and mainly due to the high costs, ong travel time and venue matters we definitely recommend to exclude this option.       


Instead, an effort will be made to arrange and find an economic option to have some rooms for 2 persons in the venue itself. Including an option of some reasonable extra fee from those who ask for such room.   



4. Can we book rooms for a few days before and / or after the 13-20.October week of meeting? How much will cost a bed or room for each night like that?


- Possible. They have:


A - 9 rooms for 3 persons (88,000 KRW), = 82 US$


B- 31 rooms for 4 people (88,000 KRW) without meal = 82 US$



1. Is the 82 $ per room or per person?

2. Is option A without meals like option B?

3. How much more will it be including meals?

4. Can 2 persons stay in a room of 3 or 4? and then still pay the same 82$?

5. In case of will, will the person contact the venue directly by himself or Servas Korea plan to handle this?

6. Since we do not know right now how many hosts can welcome arrivals before and after the conference days, is there an option that many like around 100 will be able to stay there?

7. following this, does Servas Korea can estimate or made any study about how many hosts can welcome us?    



I think that only after having those questions answered we shall be able to come up with some firm conclusions and recommendations  



5. Can you estimate already now about how many local Korean helpers will need to work at the venue site during the conference week? Will 5 volunteers be enough? It will help us to estimate the total number of accepted participants.


- We plan to place 10 helpers 24/7 for each part of communications, venue, registration, technical assistance, hosting, help desk, logistics, finance, meal and programs & activities.


1. Are all 10 planned to stay in the venue for that entire week or some are living in Seoul and plan only to come during the day to help?


2. Are some of those 10 helpers including already the helpers, which are already working such as those on the list or there are 10 others assigned to work in the venue only for the conference week?   



Project Manager & NS

Mr. ByungWan Choi


Ms. Annie NamHee Kim


Mr. Seakeun Song (Gabriel)


Mr. Kyuok Kim


Rooms allocation

Ms. Junghee Park


Mr. Donghwan Song


M . Seokchang Kim



3. By the way, from former experience, the biggest and most important need is on the arrival day, when we need to register all, guide them to the rooms and so on.     



6. What is the total number of rooms in this venue? I understand that most rooms are designated for multiple occupants (3, 4, 6 etc.). If there is a strong demand for rooms for two persons, will we have enough rooms if we decide to allot some of the larger rooms to just two people? How will it affect our budget?



-We have booked:


9 rooms of 3 beds.

31 rooms of 4 beds

11 rooms (bunker) of 6 beds.


Currently total of 27+124+66 = 217 beds. 


- There are left in the building:

4 rooms (ondol-floor) of 4 beds. price?

1 room (bunker) of 6 beds. price? 

3 rooms (ondol) of 10 beds.  if one is already booked then we have only 2 left.



1. What does it mean ondol?

2. I saw some Korean style rooms. Is their difference only in the heating system or also the type of beds and accommodation?  


3. I do not find here info about the main question and our need.

a. How much will cost us each additional room like that?

b. Can we accommodate in such room or in any other room less persons? And then hwo much will it cost?


To clarify the entire matter, problem, all of this study is to see if we can create rooms for two persons. The most important problem we are facing here.

So in case for example we take all the 20 rooms of 4-beds and place there only 2 persons, we need now 40 extra beds. so if we book 4 more 4-beds rooms we have only 16 beds.


But we need to know how much more it will coat and if the venue agree to this. They might say they lose money and can't allow it.         

By the way, that is why I have offered to fill in the table of rooms I have sent yesterday, to be able to see all options in a one clear way.  



If we need more rooms, we should book them as soon as possible, we mean, today before they are gone.



One room for 10 people has been already booked my other person not Servas.


That also teaches us that Servas people would not be the only ones there. From former experience it is not so good.

 How about the others meals? Will they eat at the same time and same dining room?

 they might ask us to be quiet at a very early hour, not being able to party and have events in late hours.     



7. Are there any rooms with in-suite bathrooms - that may be needed for any disabled participants?


-All rooms are equipped with indoor toilets and showers. Great.

-The building has also public toilets in the corridor.

- The indoor bathrooms are not designed for wheel chair users, but they are relatively spacious.


So there isn't even one room that can accommodate someone in a wheelchair?  We need to clearly know it and tell in the registration guidelines.  



8. Can you also provide us more information about the conferencing facilities - such as the projection systems, room arrangements etc.?


-See the attached files



In the attached letter we find:


In the main and all small meeting halls, the following services are available:


- Beam projector

- Beam screen

- Wireless internet service

- High level sound system

- Electric outlet

- Movable white board



Those are good news. But maybe due to my lack of proper English, from the word "available" it is not clear if we will have all of this 24/7 in all meeting rooms, or it is only available to ask for it, to be able to connect and so on?

And who is providing assistance in case of a problem? Does the venue has a supporting man all the time?       





Dear Junghee. Endless thanks for the amazing work you have done here. It is so useful and helpful. Sorry for the extra questions and clarifications need, but I am sure that you fully understand the need of us all to know it all now and not to have problems along the way.


As far as I see it, the most important matter of all is the learn how much more will cost us every additional room and if we are allowed to place only 2 persons in them.


Looking forward to see you all soon.



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