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작성자 서바스회장
작성일 2018-01-30 (화) 08:28
ㆍ조회: 145    
IP: 114.xxx.50
Experience of the last Conference in NZ

--------- 원본 메일 ---------

보낸사람: Ann Greenhough <anngreenhough1@gmail.com>
받는사람: Radha Radhakrishna <radha@favpartners.com>
참조: Jonny Sågänger <jonsag@gmail.com>, Penny Pattison <pmpattis@islandnet.com>, gülşen elyak <gulsenelyakk@gmail.com>, Amir <gm12345@gmail.com>, Annie Kim <art39451@gmail.com>, park junghee <junghee_p@hotmail.com>, Byungwan Choi <bwchoi1211@hanmail.net>, gabriel song <coollyswing@gmail.com>, 김규옥 <kko@koti.re.kr>
날짜: 18.01.30 00:25 GMT +0900
제목: Re: Notes from 24 Jan meeting on SICOGA Venue

Dear Radha 
Thank you for the minutes of the meeting.
Below are some comments based on my experience as one of the organisers for the last conference in New Zealand.

Rooms for 2 persons:
I would very much support the idea of offering two person rooms for an additional fee. The demand for 2 bedded rooms in NZ was much higher that could be met and was not only from couples. I think Amir will be best able to give an estimate of how many couples registered in NZ.

Hosting before and after the conference:
Dealing with requests for hosts was quite a time-consuming task in NZ which sometimes needed a lot of patience from the organisers. In Seoul I would assume that, as in NZ, that there will be more demand for hosts than can be met .  So I think it's important to be  clear that an offer of staying with a host cannot be guaranteed. 
Some coming as delegates will have very limited resources to pay for the additional cost of a hotel or hostel. I'm sure Amir will be aware of anyone who should have priority to stay with a host. 

Meeting Point:
In NZ we had one hotel identified where some of those not staying with hosts came for one or two nights before the conference started. We had a  room there reserved  during the day as a meeting point for anyone wanting to meet both Servas Korean members and others coming to the conference. It was  appreciated particularly by those coming  alone  to the conference or wanting to join with others for eg a tour of the city. Exco and other organisers also had meetings there before the conference started. 
Maybe in Seoul  the venue itself would be the best place for people to gather beforehand rather than a  need to have a different place. 

Time of arrival in Seoul:
I think it is important to encourage everyone to  avoid arriving at the last minute in Seoul.  to allow some time to recover from long journeys. Those receiving SI funding will be  requested not to arrive on the day the conference after an overnight flight so they can be fresh to join in the proceedings.
Despite the same  request in 2015 several people did arrive on the morning of the conference which caused more work for the organisers.
Fortunately it should  be possible for everyone to make their own way to the venue on arriving in Seoul.

Youth participation:
I think an update is needed from Susana Martinez of the SI youth team about preparations for youth activities before and during the conference.  If needed the Undol rooms would probably offer the best low cost option for youth accommodation.

Hope this is of use 
Best wishes 

Ann Greenhough 
Vice President 
Servas International

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