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작성자 서바스회장
작성일 2018-02-03 (토) 08:19
ㆍ조회: 187    
IP: 114.xxx.50
Update: Review of SI structure: officers

Update: Review of SI structure: officers, committees and teams

Dear Servas Friends

On behalf of SI Exco this message is being sent to everyone on the SI key list.

It gives an update on progress towards a review of the committees, teams and groups that make up the SI structure. This review was agreed at SICOGA 2105.

See the GA 2015 decision below.

There is a significant amount of information so links to the SI website are provided for those who would like to look into more of the detail.  

We invite your contribution to this review process.


The list (to be updated) of those currently in SI roles can be found on the SI website at https://prodsolsys.servas.org/sites/default/files/uploads/who_we_are/SI%20Committees%2020170514%20no%20email%20click.pdf

The job descriptions can be found at https://servas.org/sites/default/files/uploads/handbook/2017/Job_Descriptions_Jan_2015.pdf


Within the limited time available, SI Exco has so far focussed on the following areas:

Naming of SI committees, teams and groups.

To clarify the status of the various groups working within Servas International SI Exco has made some changes:

SI committee refers to a group elected by the SI General Assembly.

The job descriptions for members of SI Exco   and some other elected roles are defined in the statutes:


The Internal Audit Committee responsibilities are set out in the Financial Operating Procedures (known as FOP) https://prodsolsys.servas.org/sites/default/files/uploads/who_we_are/FOP_VERSION_3.1_20160624.pdf

SI team refers to a group appointed by Exco following a General Assembly. These teams usually have clearly defined responsibility for SI tasks.

They include the Servas ICT team, the ServasOnline management team, the Dolphin team which manages the SI key list and storage area and the Membership team which considers new applications to become a member country.


roup refers to those coming together for a specific project or to carry out an ad hoc task for SI as needed from time to time.

All the information about SI roles and responsibilities is due to be updated to reflect changes since the SIGA 2015

Area Coordinators

A consultation was carried out including national groups. This confirmed no area was requesting an election for an Area Coordinator. There was seen to be no

to continuing 
the role. Mutual cooperation between national groups within a region was valued.  Widespread access to the internet ha
made for fast and efficient communication directly between SI and members worldwide. The conclusion of the consultation was that there was wide support for the role of Area Coordinator to be discontinued. 

The role of the Area Coordinator is not defined in the Statutes and so Si Exco 

​has been​
able to discontinue the role as the two remaining
the end of their terms in office.

Members of the Development Committee have continued to be available to encourage regional activities including regional meetings in some areas.

Paid SI administrator

The outcome of the distant vote in November 2017 showed strong support for the idea of a paid SI administrator for  a trial period. However plans for this role were put on hold during the search for a second replacement SI treasurer. Radha Radhakrishna is now in post and two assistant treasurers have also been appointed, one to manage the distribution of SI stamps and one to coordinate the finances for SICOGA 2018.

Given these significant changes it may no longer be appropriate to pursue the appointment of a paid administrator before SICOGA 2018.  Nevertheless, with the idea agreed in principle, there will be opportunity during the conference to look   more closely at defining the job description as well as to consider the practicalities of recruiting someone into such a post.


Given the shortage of time before SICOGA 2018 a limited consultation will be carried out involving the key SI committees. This will focus on:

Amendments to the statutes

Exco will be identifying where amendments to the statutes are needed to allow changes in the duties and responsibilities of those in SI roles. Any such changes will be put forward as motions to the GA.

One priority will be to consider a new job description and name for the SI Host List Coordinator. With the transition to ServasOnline and the end to the distribution of paper host lists this role has 


Job descriptions

Before the nomination committee begins seeking nominations for elections at SICOGA 2018, job descriptions should be updated to reflect any significant changes to the elected SI roles.

If you would like to contribute to any part of this review please send your comments as soon as possible to Ann Greenhough at vicepresident@servas.org.

SI Exco will be discussing the review at a face to face meeting starting on 14th March 2018

With best wishes


Ann Greenhough

​                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ​
Vice President
​                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ​
Servas International


2015 GA




EXC-011  Update structure and function of SI committees and officer roles (revised):

1. In the period 2015-18 SI Exco should coordinate a review of the SI structure. This is to include both elected and unelected SI committees reviewing their own structure, purpose, functions and name, taking into account the impact of changes that result from Servas going online. Each SI officer should review their role in a similar way.

2. SI Exco will work with the Job Descriptions and Statutes Committee to ensure that outcomes of the reviews from each committee and SI officer are drawn together into an overview of the current SI structure with any proposed changes.

3. This overview will be made available to national groups and SI committees for consultation.

4. Following this consultation the updated SI structure should be put forward at the 2018 GA to include any proposed changes to the SI statutes.

5. The aim is to create a structure that promotes Servas as a stream-lined, forward-thinking organisation which continues to maintain its core values as a peace organisation.

6. The review should consider the sustainability of the current structure and whether committees and SI roles should be joined together, disbanded or new committees and roles created.

To inform the decision-making at GA 2018, Exco is encouraged to put in place, on a trial basis, any new ways of working or structures that do not require a change in the statutes.

Moved by USA.  Seconded by Russia.

Votes:    For: 38.  Against: 1.  Abstain: 13.

The motion is passed

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