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작성자 서바스회장
작성일 2018-02-18 (일) 19:20
첨부#1 Briefing_2016_International_Servas_Week_Innovation_Group.pdf (632KB)
ㆍ조회: 174    
IP: 114.xxx.50
2017 activities for the International Se

Gathering information about 2017 activities for the International Servas Week / Reuniendo información sobre las actividades 2017 de la Semana Internacional de Servas

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aneris cao <aneriscao@gmail.com> 보낸날짜 : 18.02.18 08:49 주소추가수신차단
<innovation@servas.org> 주소추가
<bwchoi1211@hanmail.net> 주소추가
일반파일 1개 (631.53KB) 모두저장
첨부파일 목록
(Message sent in blind copy / mensaje enviado en copia oculta)

Dear Servas Friends (spanish version below),


On behalf of the Innovation Group, we want to share with you our briefing of the first celebration of the International Servas Week in 2016 and we need your feed back with reports and pictures of the 2017 edition to build that briefing too (a similar message to this one has been published in SI News Bulletin, December 2017 Edition).

As you know, we started in 2016 with this initiative, celebrating Servas Values such as Peace, Solidarity, Service, Hospitality, and Understanding, once a year, the week around September 21th, International Day of Peace.

Servas members started preparing different activities in the first edition, like gatherings around the idea of Peace, visits to schools and foundations with donations, meetings of Servas members to reinforce the idea of Servas, regional meetings, or trekkings to reinforce the value of nature. We are very happy of the results and you can see a brief report of first edition activities attached and the expanded report here (in their original languages)

Last year we launched again this International Servas Week in september 2017. We have received some mails from Servas Groups such as Burundi, India, Czeck Republic, Italy, Spain, Chile, Portugal who were preparing gatherings, Regional meetings, SYLE Program, Servas  bookmarks to share with friends and media interview about Servas. We hope to have pictures and reports from these and other countries that accomplish activities in This Servas International Week before March 10th to build the new report.

We are also happy because we received mails from members that want to join our Innovation Group, we welcome them and will work to increase the activities of our group in 2018, when we expect to have more countries involved in this International Servas Week Project, celebrating also the 70th Aniversary of Servas International.

About International Servas Week: The International Servas Week was an idea that was developed during one of the workshops at the Servas International Conference and General Assembly, SICOGA, in New Zealand in 2105. From this workshop was born the Innovation Group, which is intended to put into action these ideas. The International Servas Week is a yearly event that takes place around the international Day of Peace on September 21st. The event celebrates Servas values such as peace, solidarity, service, hospitality and understanding 

We invite you to continue Reading our briefing of 2016 activities (attached) and send us your news of 2017 International Servas Week to innovation@servas.org, so we can build the report of this year and continue to spread Servas Values.

In Peace and Friendship,


Aneris Cao

On behalf of Innovation Group

Viña del Mar, Chile, February 2018

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