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World Servas News  

작성자 서바스회장
작성일 2018-08-28 (화) 16:43
첨부#1 vf_2018__ENG_International_Servas_Week_Innovation_Group.pdf (599KB)
ㆍ조회: 128    
IP: 114.xxx.50
Servas International week

As you know, every year Innovation group invite you to celebrate Servas the week of 21st of
September, international peace day. But in this edition we propose you to organize not only this
activity, but also to prepare an anniversary party or activity in 2019, to celebrate our 70th years
together. We think we can celebrate Servas every day and every moment, to celebrate being part of
such a long-standing organization that promotes values of peace and friendship.
Innovation group want to start a new collection of pictures of Servas events and we think the next 70th anniversary is
the best occasion to do it.
We will collect pictures from 2018 and 2019 events related with the International Servas Week Special Edition
2018 and with our 70th anniversary in 2019, with a photo caption indicating the country and a brief explanation of
the event (and the picture credits). We will choose some of this pictures to contribute to the Servas Peace Calendar
and all of them will be part of a commemorative anniversary album and it will be published on our website. Let´s
make some original photos!
Send your pictures to innovation@servas.org with a good quality, with the country and the name of the person
who made the picture, a photo caption and a brief explanation of the event.

Ps : 첨부화일

World Servas News   

일본 중학생(남) SYLE 요청: 8월중 2~3주 이병헌 2019-06-20 17
SI EXCO 2019-2021 최병완 2019-06-19 12
Alpe-Adria meeting in Czech Republic. 최병완 2019-06-18 10
Servas Africa regional & youth meeting [1] 최병완 2019-06-17 18
168 동남아 지역회의-말레이시아 8.10~8.13 이병헌 2019-04-26 48
167 인도 GANESH 축제: 9.1~9.6 (참가비 14만원) [1] 이병헌 2019-04-15 65
166 이스라엘 X-mas, 하누카 축제 초대: 12.22~27 이병헌 2019-03-20 52
165 COME to join SPANISH SERVAS G A 최병완 2019-03-13 48
164 터키 자전거여행(5.13~5.18, 참가비 10만원) 이병헌 2019-02-28 66
163 몽골 동아시아 국제회의(7.15~7.18) 이병헌 2019-02-27 53
162 70Servas International Swizerland [1] 최병완 2019-02-15 65
161 러시아 국제행사 (8.19~8.24. 우랄산맥 Sverdlovsk [2] 이병헌 2019-02-04 126
160 스페인 청년-가족 국제행사: 9.2~9.8 이병헌 2019-02-03 56
159 미국 2019년 회합 (7.26~28) [1] 이병헌 2019-02-03 56
158 이탈리아 청소년-가족 국제행사: 8.25~8.31 이병헌 2019-02-03 53
157 터키 청년-가족 국제행사 : 7월, 3개 행사진행 이병헌 2019-02-03 36
156 스웨덴 청년-가족 국제행사 : 5.20~5.28 이병헌 2019-02-03 46
155 2018 Annual Report 작성 요청 김규옥 2019-01-28 33
154 2019 US Servas National Conference 계획 공지 김규옥 2019-01-28 43
153 Servas Russia meeting in 2019 [2] 임채운 2019-01-09 80
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