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작성자 서바스회장
작성일 2018-12-05 (수) 14:16
첨부#1 181127_Servas_calculation_of_payment_of_2018_used_stamps_with (31KB)
ㆍ조회: 36    
IP: 114.xxx.50
Servas stamps for the year 2019.

Dear Servas national officials

Here are informations about Servas stamps for the year 2019.

Could you confirm by emailing back that you have well received this email?

Could you forward it to the person in charge of the stamps management (accounting and payment of stamps) in your country ?

About papers stamps

2019 Stamps requesting

For 2019 there is a change in the stamps management by Servas International.

You just have to fill the online form at the following address :


If you have difficulties to fill this form please contact by email the address

servas.treasurer@gmail.com .

Richard will send you by post the stamps to the postal address you mention in your requesting mail. Please confirm by mail to Richard (servas.treasurer@gmail.com ) as soon as you have well received the stamps.

Sending back the unused 2018 stamps :

If less than 50 unused stamps, please cut each stamp into two. Take a picture of both halves of cut stamps and email to servas.treasurer@gmail.com and r.radhakrishna@outlook.com      .

If more than 50 unused stamps please return them by postal mail to:

Richard Cabassut

4 rue du Ballon

67100 Strasbourg


When you have made this sending send a email to inform the treasurer (r.radhakrishna@outlook.com ) and  a copy to Richard (servas.treasurer@gmail.com ) that you have sent back the unused 2018 stamps. Richard will confirm you as soon as he has received them.

Payment of stamps used during 2018

Please pay to Servas international the contribution corresponding to the payment calculation for used Stamps in 2018. This year you can choose between 3 currencies (CHF, USD and USD) to pay. You can use the attached calculation form. If you meet problems to calculate your payment amount, please contact servas.treasurer@gmail.com .

When you have made this money transfer please send an email to inform the treasurer Radha ( r.radhakrishna@outlook.com ) and Richard ( servas.treasurer@gmail.com ) you have transferred the money.

About 2019 e-stamps

The countries participating to the piloting of e-stamps will be contacted separetely.

Best regards



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