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작성자 이병헌
작성일 2019-02-03 (일) 19:44
첨부#1 Publi_environmental_working_camp_Spain[1].pdf (135KB)
ㆍ조회: 146    
IP: 220.xxx.76
스페인 청년-가족 국제행사: 9.2~9.8


국제본부의 청년-가족활동 위원회에서 제안한 서바스 70주년 행사가
각국에서 열리고 있습니다
현재까지 확정된 행사계획으로는
    - 스웨덴.     5.20~5.28   국제문화 카니발 자원봉사활동
    - 터키:        7.  2~7.  5   봉사활동 과정
                     7.  6~7.14   평화학교
                     7.17~7.21   청년 연극학교

    - 이탈리아   8.25~8.31  국제 청년 가족 여름캠프

    -  스페인     9.2~9.8     국제 청년 환경보호캠프

많은 관심을 가지고 참여바랍니다



Dear Servas Friends!!!!!


The new Youth and Families Committee is organizing a lot of activities around the world, many of them to celebrate our 70th  anniversary. Some of these activities are the following:


1.      Volunteering experience in the Intercultural Karnival in Sweden from May 20 to May 28

2.      Course of volunteering from July 2 to July 5 in Turkey

3.      Peace School  from July 6 to 14  in Turkey and Youth school of cinema from July 17 to 21  in Turkey

4.      International Youth and families summer camp in Italy from August 25 to August  31

5.      International Youth environmental working camp in Spain from September 2 to September 8



There is more information of these activities in the attached documents. Please help us to spread these information among your country members resending this email. Other countries are preparing new events that can be added and supported soon in the next weeks we will send more information about them.


We take this opportunity to thank all the young volunteers who are collecting the email addresses of young members and families from their own countries. It is very important for our committee to have the email addresses to send the information right to them, so we will be  glad if the national secretaries ( or any people from the board) can help us sending us the list of:

1.     youngsters (18-30 years old)

2.     minors (14-16 years old)

3.     families with children


Name, age and email address are to be given.

As a matter of fact,  it is by this information that we can send the communications easily.

Also our committee invite all the countries to promote Servas among the young people. One of the easy promotion is to take care of our young members, so many countries are starting a Young and Families action Plan. We send to you a document with ideas to start, and also a power point if you can do a presentation of this plan in your own assembly. One of these ideas is to help our youngsters to attend an international Servas event, so many countries are given small grants to the young people to support  them in this particular events.


For any question or doubt you can write to  youthandfamilies@servas.org .


Thank you very much for your collaboration to advertise these events!!!


the Youth and Families Committee



Email youthandfamilies@servas.org

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