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작성자 이병헌
작성일 2019-12-25 (수) 21:08
ㆍ조회: 56    
IP: 220.xxx.153
SERVAS PEN PAL (for children of 6-15 yea

Dear the key Servas persons!!!


SERVAS PEN PAL (for children of 6-15 years old)


In the Servas organization of any country there are families with children. Servas works with young people, attracts them to the organization. But we can raise new Servas members from these children whose parents are Servas members now.

While the average age of Servas International seems to be growing, there are still many families with young children. However, this age group seems to be out of scope of Servas International. Young children in Servas do not often meet Servas people of the same age.


This is why Servas Russia proposes to launch a project on postal correspondence between Servas children aged 6 to 15. Our basic goals are:

� to involve our children in international communication; 
� to ensure the continuity of generations; 
� to promote tolerance; 
� to develop interest and acceptance for the culture, 
religion and traditions of other countries.


How do we plan to implement our project?


With the help of other Servas members, especially National Secretaries, Servas Russia plans to establish a database of children who wish to exchange letters and postcards by snail mail. The database would include the name of the child, its interests, its language capabilities, and its postal address. It should be distributed to the National Secretaries and then to the rank-and-file members.


Vehicle of communication: letters or postcards, bought or self-made.


Language of communication: English, Spanish, others if there are young people ready to communicate in them.


JOIN US write now!!!! And please share this information with your members who have the children or grandchildren and ready to join us


contact Ju16@yandex.ru (Iuliia Mezenina, the national secretary of Servas Russia and coordinator of this project)


PS: he first letters have already sent to Italy, Turkey, Burundi, France and Poland (the photos are in attachment)


Best wishes Iuliia Mezenina!
mobile/whatsapp +79961829072
skype jmezenina

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