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Talk with Servas Korea
작성자 Liew Kum Heng
작성일 2012-05-27 (일) 23:27
ㆍ조회: 925   
Visit Korea
I and 2 friends, Jeff and Johnny visited Korea on 7th July, 2012. We have visited Seoul, Cheongju, Daegu, Busan and
Jeju.. We have met so many Korean hosts in our 18 days trip. They are so friendly and so kind and care of us. They
provided us comfortable lodging, delicious food and planed our sightseeing. I like to thank the followin hosts : Yun
Young Bom, Shin Jong Soon, Kim Sung Kil, Gil Jeong Hyang, Sul Sung Ryeong, Park Jung Hee, Bae Jong Man, Yang
Hwang Il, Oh Sang Sun, Gil Hong Yong, Mr. Steve and Miss Moon. Thanks to all of you and hope that you can visit
Malaysia very soon.
Liew Kum Heng from Servas Malaysia
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