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작성자 Khalid Shahzad
작성일 2012-10-14 (일) 10:31
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Re..I'm a New Member of Servas Korea [Jeju]

■ [Dr. Anne Hilty] I'm a New Member of Servas Korea [Jeju] (2011-03-01 16:02)
Hello, everyone!

I'm Anne, and I have recently joined the Jeju chapter of Servas Korea. Previously, I've been involved with Hongkong Servas, Servas Spain, and American Servas.

My hometown is New York (Manhattan); I recently came to Jeju from Hongkong, but I also lived in Seoul from 2005~2009.

Professionally, I'm a cultural health psychologist, and also a writer and educator. In New York, I also practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine. On Jeju Island, I am researching Jeju's unique culture and writingarticles for Jeju Weekly and Yonhap News Agency. I'm also planning a series of books about Jeju's culture and hope to have the first two published later this year.

I would like to live on Jeju Island forever. ^^

Sorry to say, I don't speak Korean language very well, but I am studying and hope to learn it before too long.

Thank you for allowing me to become a member of Servas Korea.

Dear Dr Ann Hillty.

Hope you are well. I am Khalid Shahzad Servas Member of Pakistan working with special children and Peace Ambassador

I am going to attend a conference on intellectual disability on 28th October to 4 November2012 in Songdo Korea  this year. i would like to ask you any host address. I would be very thank full to you.Last year i have been in Jaju land which is amazing land for me.

Khalid Shahzad
Copy right @ Servas korea   Email: